Cathedral Window Batik Block with 2 1/2

Cathedral Window Batik Block with 2 1/2"

My neighbor tragically lost her son from an undiagnosed health condition. She is a single mother who adopted her son from India. They moved into our neighborhood when he was around 11 years old and so we watched him grow up. She was a devoted mother and also a devoted educator. He volunteered to serve in his church and through some interesting timing was able to be one of the first missionaries to serve in a new mission in India, his homeland. It was a marvelous experience for him and his mother. After graduating his career took him to the humanitarium arm of a large company. He was devoted to helping special needs children. He and his wife were able to travel and serve. While traveling he became ill and passed away suddenly. He was only 31 years old. This has been a difficult year. As the anniversary of his passing approached I was prompted to make a quilt to give to his mother. Since batiks are a part of Indian culture, I knew I wanted to use batiks. I purposely used yellow in the center and spreading out because he was the son-shine of his mother's life. The cathedral block is a reminder of the forever relationship between the mother and her son that was cut short here on earth, but will carry on through eternity.

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Posted By ESPerry