Baby Jack's

Baby Jack's "Welcome to the World" quilt

Jack was born to my friend and her husband. When I met her, she was a single professional woman who was craving a family. I watched her date several "toads." She is attractive, smart, enthusiastic and a "take charge" kind of gal. I knew it was going to take a very special man to help her contain he enthusiasm while allowing her to express it at the same time. She went to a high school reunion and bumped into an "old friend." They were inseparable and within two years they were married. She had Baby Jack in their first year. I was away at seminary when he was born and busier than the "one-armed wall paper hanger" but I had seen Jenny make the puffy rag quilt (can't remember if that's the correct name, but I'll confirm before I finish this post) and knew I wanted to make that for my very special friends including using the same fabric. When the fabric showed up on a daily deal, I saw it as a SIGN! So, I ordered the fabric and sat down one afternoon and made the quilt. This was "sew" easy and fun to do. And, when I finished the last seam on my sewing machine, the quilt was done. Great project! God is so very good!!

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Posted By SandyC