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Summer in the Park

Summer in the Park

This was my first jelly roll quilt. I watched Natalie's tutorial and just had to make it.

I got to meet Jenny and Natalie at Baby Lock's big conference in 2013. The top was finished but it wasn't quilted yet.

It was my first big quilt on the longarm. The pattern I choose took up the entire quilting space but I didn't pin it perfectly straight. In order to fit the blocks on the right side of the quilt I had to roll the quilt forward and back. I didn't realize the backing was not completely flat and ended up with a huge fold in the back. I was SICK! The quilt was ruined until I decided I wasn't giving up that easily. I took my leftovers and fashioned a row that I hand stitched to the back to cover my mistake. Now it is a design element! :D

This quilt took 3rd place at the Eastern New Mexico State Fair

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