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    This quilt was made by my paternal grandmother for me in 1944 or earlier. It is regular size, and I used it on my bed when I was young. I gave it to my Granddaughter shortly after she was born. And she just graduated from college. It is hand sewn and hand quilted too. My grandmother was a tailor and worked in the early 1940's for a high lady's dress shop. She was a farm wife and took care of her family of 5 and also hired help on the farm. She cared for a 20-room farmhouse with over 10 bedrooms and no running water nor electric still in the farmhouse. She grew her own food and canned and also they had their own meat and all the work to than to put it up for keeping with no refrigerator. She made bread for the family and hired help and so had many flower sacks the kind used for dish towels but also the pretty printed ones. This quilt is made from those flower sacks. I ponder often how she sat by oil lamp to stich this together for me and hand quilt it too. Making one for my brother also in a different color. I didn't know her she died when I was only 2 and have only 2 brief memories of her but this quilt always said to me how much I was loved. On Easter I found this quilt on the floor with the 2 crib quilts in their laundry room that I gave to my granddaughter, Upon inquiry as to the fate was told they would be given to Goodwill. Seeing my distress my daughter-in-law asked me if I wanted the 3 items back. Well YES. I know now that when I am gone and they clean out our home those quilts will be donated or worse tossed. I would love to hang it in my sewing room but have decided to find someone who will love it and my crib and husband's crib for what they are and love them. . Old handmade and made with love. .So I made a inquiry to Bonnie Hunter the scrapy quilter who own a huge Victorian house in Virgina and hold quilting retreats there. She love old quits and antiques. Yes she will adopt them and care for them well. I am sad my family can't appreciate these items and though I have made them things never see them used so I am making things for others who will cherish the gift I give with love.

    By caf7carq
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