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Hi there, my name is Bon and I was first bitten by the quilt monster way back in 1994. Having patchwork and quilting in my life has been a very big saving grace for me as I go through the ups and downs of my life journey. My husband, daughter and I moved from the city of Newcastle, to a rural community in Vacy, in New South Wales, Australia, about 7 years ago. The peace and serenity of the wide open spaces is food to our souls. I have the most beautiful sewing room put together by my very supportive husband and I teach patchwork to a group of local ladies, three times a week. I just love to play with fabric and create. My daughter Stacey, is an extremely talented artist but six months ago when I was struggling to find a quilt for my God Daughter's baby, My daughter sat down and designed a quilt pattern complete with templates. It was so exciting being able to work with her. We are now working on a second idea and I am loving her interest in my patchwork passion.


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    Aug 14, 2015

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