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I first started quilting when I decided that I wanted to retire and knew that I had to find a hobby. My Mom was a quilter therefore I hoped that I would be able to learn from her, she was willing to teach me as she believed that I could do it. I asked and received a sewing machine for Xmas, ready to rock in the new year. Turns out my Mom caught pneumonia and was hospitalized and died on Dec. 29th. I was devastated but that only made me more determined to do this. I struggled through my first quilt and into my second one I was again struggling and sitting at my kitchen table trying to nest seams together and it wasn't happening - I literally said out loud "Mom, i need some help" - As I looked up I saw two of my sisters that quilt, walking up on the deck. The eldest looked at my quilt and said "Look what happens when I pull on this thread and the whole thing came apart. I told her not to pull on the threads. That day we took the whole thing apart, I laugh at this now and tell them that they came with "rippers" in their purses - I went and had a quiet moment by myself and then came back out and started figuring everything out. I have never looked back since then and I have received so much praise over my quilts since then, it is unbelievable. Every now and again when I think that I am better than I am, I feel a little nudge, I think that's my Mom letting me know that I am good, but not to think too highly of myself. I love quilting and I have learned a lot from on line tutorials and classes - most of which have been from Jenny Doan - absolutely love your website and absolutely amazing tutorials. Most of all, I wish that I could have shown my Mother this website and what is available in this day and age. I know that she would have absolutely loved it.


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    Someone Really LIkes You

    Mar 16, 2015

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    First Quilt

    Mar 16, 2015

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    You Look Great

    Mar 16, 2015

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