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My name is Terri Lewis from Morehead, Kentucky. I want to share my quilting story with you. First of all, I almost failed home economics in high school. A nightmare. So I never ever thought I would ever take up sewing. My mother has sewn and quilted since I was a small child, beautifully. So, maybe it's in the genes but after nearly failing home economics, I was sure it would hit one of my sisters, not me. I actually asked my mother to teach me to quilt last May (2014) as a way to de-stress from my role as a 24hour nurse to my daughter Adora. Adora has Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1, which placed her on a ventilator at age 7 months, she is 13 now. We were blessed that we were able to bring her home with the ventilator (life support), and lots of other equipment to help keep her healthy. Very thankful! She cannot move or speak, or breath on her own but she is cognitively "all there", and such a blessing. When I first began I would stay up all night long just to get more done. I LOVE quilting and I am finding myself watching Missouri Star tutorials almost constantly, even while I work on other things, just to learn more. I recently put together a butterfly quilt for a friend who lost her young child to cystic fibrosis. She brought me some of her clothing and it really turns out great! I've found that my favorite quilts to put together and design are he ones that are Keepsakes for the person getting them. I am currently gathering clothing/fabric from the SMA community to out together and design a quilt using the material from babies/kids/adults who live with or who have lost their battle with SMA. I'm very excited to use my talent/hobby to raise awareness for SMA, the #1 genetic killer of babies under age 2. There is a regional quilt show in my town this weekend and I am entering the butterfly quilt which was made in memory of Kaylee Brook Maze. I may not win anything at all but I'll sure have fun at the show getting to see everyone's creations! Thanks for listening! Terri Lewis


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