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I began quilting around 2005. I hadn't used or been interested in using a sewing machine since about Grade 9 and I was 40-something when I took up machine quilting. I was living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at the time and managing a rural Library. We had a weekly farmer's market and welcomed crafts people as well. A very lovely lady, Shelly, a frequent Library user took a table to sell her quilts. I liked them and purchased one and expressed a real interest in them. She said she would teach me. In fact, several of our staff expressed an interest in quilting and we eventually formed a Library fund-raising group called QUIL - Quilters In The Library. My first quilt was a log cabin. It had a lot of imperfections due to my lack of sewing experience. I still have it though, and cherish it. I live in Ontario, Canada now (where I am from) and still quilt, and occasionally make a log cabin. My skills have improved but I still consider a beginner. The learning just never ends.


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    Someone Really LIkes You

    Mar 22, 2015

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    First Quilt

    Mar 22, 2015

  • You Look Great

    You Look Great

    Mar 22, 2015

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