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I learned to sew on my mother's Brother sewing machine that she bought from Popular Club back in the 60's. First attempts were using mom's old drapes. I took Home Ec sewing in 1977 and nearly failed the class and was told maybe sewing wasn't my strong suit... So during the summer of my sophomore year I sewed a corduroy skirt and lined vest. When my home ec teacher asked who had sewn it for me and I offered I had made it myself the look on her face told me everything! I sewed my first quilt when some friends got married in 1986. I had no pattern, no instructions, no youtube tutorials or brains to pick, just jumped in and made a simple block quilt with a throw pillow. Fast forward 10 years or so, I sewed an applique quilt with a flag motif for a friend who was in the army reserves. In the fall of 2013 my daughter and I sewed a twin size quilt for my son and his new bride, another block quilt, but this time I did google to see how to finish it properly. I've had a push me/pull you relationship with sewing and get in phases where I can't get enough of it, and others where I turn my back on all things creative (I do crafty home stuff and knit and crochet as well). I never appreciated until I got back into sewing after making the quilt for my kids in 2013 how much fun I was having and how relaxing it is and satisfying too, to create sewn items. It's changed my life!


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