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In 1992, I had a custom wooden bed as well as chest made to coordinate with my Grandmother’s dressers. I decided furniture like that needed a quilt. Fortunately, the quilts I liked I could not afford, the ones I could afford, I did not like; so I learned how to quilt. I registered for a class at a local fabric shop where quilting was being taught by hand, not machine, and the other quilters in class wanted to make the Lone Star. The blessing in disguise was the fact the teacher never told me I could not make the Lone Star as my first quilt nor did she cringe at my fabric choices which were all wildlife with a wolf in the star middle. The instructor had to stop giving lessons shortly after I started, but I continued working and finished the quilt 4.5 years later. This quilt is definitely a reflection of me and took 2nd place at a local county fair. Thanks to not being taught to be intimidated by a complex quilt pattern, I next made a Double Wedding Ring which is the only other quilt I have made entirely by hand. The first time I made a Storm at Sea quilt, I modified the pattern to fit the fabric pattern as I did not want to lose too much of the wildlife print. The recurring theme in my quilts is animals, birds, sea creatures, etc. Friends laugh because I tend to do things my way as well as give some of my quilts appropriate names, such as ‘Where You Born in a Barn?’ (stable scene), ‘Critters in My Cabin’ (bear paw crossed with a log cabin), and more recently ‘Backdraft’ (storm at sea with firefighter fabric). My only problem is my job keeps getting in the way of my quilting time!


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