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  • Pins and Paws for Karen
    Pins and Paws for Karen

    My good friend Karen also quilts. She and I challenge each other with BOMs and other projects all the time. When I opened my online fabric and quilt supplies store this year, she was the first to place an order. She's a really great friend. Karen has a sister that lives next door that often wants to try new projects and crafts. Most of the time, Karen finishes them up or makes them completely when her sister decides she doesn't enjoy doing it after about an hour. Karen's sister announced one day that she was going to learn to quilt and had picked out a pattern. She just needed to go through all of Karen's fabric in the stash, borrow some rulers and a rotary cutter, and she would make a quilt. Karen's sister also has a habit of not returning things in the same condition she borrowed them in. Karen put together a list of supplies her sister would need to make the quilt. About a week or so later, Karen asked her sister if she needed a ride to the fabric store. Her sister shared that she would not be learning to quilt because there were too many things to get. So, Karen and I had a good chuckle over the whole situation. Karen is the quilter that starts a quilt thinking about keeping it herself, and in the end, it is gifted to a loved one. Knowing that, I wanted to make a quilt for Karen to keep, and what better quilt to make her than the Pins and Paws Quilt that we had such a chuckle over. Karen received it today along with her latest order from my store, and I realized that I completely forgot to take a picture! So, here's Karen's husband holding up Pins and Paws.

    By CRobertK
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