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Have always enjoyed sewing since learning back in high school. Have sewed many projects over the years such as costumes, home decor, clothing, fleece and minky blankets, etc. 2015 was the first time I attempted to make a quilt. Never thought about quilts because I don't have a quilt machine. Trying to learn free motion quilting, but so far it's not going to well. I've made a dozen or so quilts so far and either stitch in the ditch or send to the quilt shop. I can't seem to get enough of MSQC, their website is my home page. My browser always has a tab open for MSQC and I'm positive I've contributed in their seo rankings in the past year. I'm a web developer by day and single mother and crafter on the weekends. Fabric has exploded in my house and my two boys are constantly having to step over my design floor instead of design wall (lol). Both refuse to go to the fabric shop with me, it's like torture for them. Fine with me, this lets me look for hours without getting pestered to leave (lol). Although I'm pretty close to MSQC, last weekend was my first trip there. So many shops and fabric, I only wished my wallet was as plentiful.


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