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  • Twins Sisters for Two Brothers
    Twins Sisters for Two Brothers

    My friend introduced me to quilting 33 years ago. I reconnected with her in November 2016 and she introduced me to Missouri Star Quilt Company and the daily deals. I'm a sucker for pretty fabric and I bought 2 Holiday Flourish 9 Silver jelly rolls, not knowing what or how I would do anything with them. In July 2017 I reconnected with a family member who encouraged me to get started. I have 2 sons in their 20's and because they are guys and life happened, I never sewed for them. Those 2 jelly rolls called my name when I saw the Jack and Jill tutorial. The block kind of looks like Texas, our home state, set on its side. And, the jelly rolls are red and black, the colors of our college alma mater and my sons' high school. Christmas is always magical and the combination of the block and the fabric seemed perfect for my guys. I started cutting around September 21st, 2017 and finished the quilts for their Christmas gifts, with the help of my friend, my cousins, my step-mother and father, my husband, and Jenny Doan and Rob Appell's videos. Yes - I did both quilts at the same time. I went through each step with both quilts, keeping them in separate Container Store sweater boxes - a no-brainer, since I work there. Because I bought extra fabric for fear of running out, I had enough left over to make each son a matching pillowcase (with no exposed seam allowances). I enjoyed it so much that I've been buying up fabric to make more quilts even though I don't have a long arm or sit-down free motion machine.

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