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I'm a self-taught quilter; being fascinated with quilts when I was little I got books out of the library to learn how to quilt. I still trace templates onto the fabric, cut them out with scissors and sew and quilt by hand. (My mom was an amazing seamstress but didn't enjoy sewing by hand.) I love traditional patterns but often take patterns as suggestions. I'm from the US mid-west but have lived in Mexico for 44 years. My husband and I are translating the New Testament into his first language (Quiatoni Zapotec), an indigenous language spoken here long before the Europeans arrived. We also make literacy books for the people to practice reading in their own language as well as compiling a Zapotec-Spanish dictionary and a grammar to describe the language. There are wonderful textile arts and handcrafts here but because quilting is not an art that's practiced here, people are often curious about my handwork. You might think there isn't much call for quilts in southern Mexico but because of the altitude and the lack of heating in the houses, we always have a quilt on the bed, sometimes a light one, sometimes a heavier one--and sometimes two!


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