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It is up to me to carry on my grandmothers tradition of making quilts for the family. The love for sewing, quilting, and painting, etc..., has skipped a generation on my Fathers side and Mothers side. Both Grandmothers loved to hand make quilts for their family. My parents did not care to sew. Being the only daughter, I started sewing at a very young age, learning all I could from my grandmothers. My brothers had other interests so it was up to me to carry on the art of quilting. My children have not shown much interest so another generation will probably be skipped. I can't wait to teach my grandchildren in the future.


  • Part Of The Pack

    Part Of The Pack

    Jun 5, 2018

  • Quilt Master

    Quilt Master

    May 17, 2016

  • Quilt Apprentice

    Quilt Apprentice

    Apr 17, 2016

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