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I am a newbe at quilting. My first quilt, my mentor, Fran Brannan, was a collaboration. I embroidered the angel squares and she sewed the quilt together. My second quilt was for a facebook friend. She had mentioned that her aunt was a quilter but when her aunt passed away that she did not receive any of her quilts as a memento. I told her that I could make her one. My mentor, Fran, mentioned the 1600 quilt. After I finished the quilt I mailed it to her as a reminder of her aunt. Last year I started my quilt. It is all shades of purple. I only have to finish the binding but it fill me with so much peace and tranquility. I am now planning 2 quilts for my sons' room. Three years ago I was volunteering, when my Church was closed I ended 39 years of volunteering. I needed something to fill my time. Quilting has been a godsend. The sense of accomplishment, creativity, and Wow factor had given my life meaning again. I never experienced the joy or excitement of fabric that I do now. (( I swear sometimes it can take my breath away. )) I am having fun. I hope to make some new friends here, too.


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