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Though I will be 70 come my next birthday, I am a relatively new quilter. When my mother passed away, she had such a large stash, I couldn't even give all her beautiful fabric away though I worked hard at it--friends, relatives, the church got loads. Finally, I bought a sewing machine & began the journey of teaching myself to sew. I have earnestly been trying to learn quilting for about three years. I watch Jenny's videos over and over, and have made reasonable progress. And, as a bonus, I love it! I have always appreciated quilts and the very idea that I could make one thrills me to the bone. I am a retired bookseller and primary caregiver to my father, age 92. This is a wonderful new chapter in my life. I have made some wonderful gifts for friends and family and discovered how much I love fabric. This is a good forum for seeing what others are doing. There are so many stunning works posted! I have much to aspire to.


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    You Look Great

    Dec 6, 2018

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    You Complete You

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