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In 2020, my New Years Resolution was to take at least one new craft or art class per month. I started strong in January with three, and in February two. Then all of the complications and quarantine times started and my classes were being cancelled. Two amazing friends, mother and daughter duo of quilters, invited me over one afternoon in March to learn to sew a quilt block for yet another quilt I'd asked them to make for me. I'd even bought the fabric over a year ago while shopping with them. The lesson started out slow and I didn't understand half the things they were saying, "nested seams," "scant 1/4 inch," "snowballed corner," etc. It was truly a foreign language to me! Then slowly and surely, my block was done. I was having a good time and asked to make another one. Of course their answer was yes, and what I didn't realize was that they would move onto their projects and I was off to make this block mostly on my own! I did it! I left the rest of the blocks with them to make and came home. I enjoyed my lesson so much that a couple of days later I started ordering fabric online. Next thing I knew, jelly rolls and charm packs arrived at my door! I'd owned a very inexpensive sewing machine for years and until that lesson, never really knew how to use it. In fact, I'd even had a temp job that I was hired and let go after the first day because it was my job to sew partial bocks for quilt and other projects and couldn't sew a straight seam! Well, I decided I wasn't willing to try cutting out a full quilt on my own yet, so I ordered a couple of log cabin kits that were completely precut. When they arrived, I started sewing. In the middle of it, my machine broke down and the pieces I needed were backordered. So what do you do? You buy a new machine of course. And three weeks later, I had a finished log cabin quilt top. Today (11/4/2020) I have finished nearly thirty quilt tops, a few blocks of the month for two different programs, and I'm still sewing!


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    Quilt Master

    Dec 26, 2020

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    Quilt Apprentice

    Dec 22, 2020

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    Part Of The Pack

    Nov 9, 2020

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