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I loved learning hand embroidery & sewing in my primary school years with hessian & wool and then learnt to sew on the sewing machine in high school. I bought my first sewing machine in 1979 and LOVED to make baby & toddler clothing at first. Never in a fit thought that I'd be one who'd cut beautiful fabric into tiny pieces and then place it back together into a quilt!! But, here I am addicted to patchwork and quilting. My greatest achievement to date has been choosing the colour range and mastering Bargello patterns. I am SEW excited and inspired by and often in awe of seeing like minded peoples projects.


  • Part Of The Pack

    Part Of The Pack

    May 5, 2018

  • You Complete You

    You Complete You

    May 5, 2018

  • Supporter Of The Arts

    Supporter Of The Arts

    May 5, 2018

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