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Long time "sewer" going back about 50 years or more. I also worked at a Ben Franklin store in the early 1970s and ran the fabric / patterns / yarn / craft section. Took trips with the store owner to Pennsylvania for fabric buying. I've made oodles of things: costumes for kids and horses; a double papa-san chair cover and sofa cover. Corn / rice bags for physical therapy and friends. Entire wardrobe for high school that I later sold to another family for their daughters. Barbie doll clothes and a blanket for my horse and everything in-between. I love shopping for fabrics and finding just the right complementary fabric. Organizing, sorting, designing .. then doing the work and having the satisfaction of a completed project.


  • Quilt Apprentice

    Quilt Apprentice

    Sep 4, 2017

  • You Complete You

    You Complete You

    May 12, 2017

  • Someone Really LIkes You

    Someone Really LIkes You

    May 7, 2017

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