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I learned to sew as a child and made clothes for myself and my children, but when they got old enough that they no longer wanted homemade outfits I decided to try quilting. Both of my grandmothers quilted using fabric from worn out clothes, curtains, tablecloths, and flour or feed sacks. They were mostly utilitarian quilts, but occasionally they would create a beauty for a wedding gift out of store-bought fabric. I can only imagine what they would think about rotary cutters and jelly rolls - everything they did was so much more laborious! I am now an empty-nester and have converted a bedroom into my sewing room. The days of having to cut out and sew on the kitchen table are long gone, thank goodness! This wonderful hobby has brought me much joy and gives me a creative outlet that I get to share with others when I give them a quilt. It also keeps me connected to the precious women of my past. I hope my daughters and granddaughters will find a pastime that brings them this kind of happiness...perhaps I'll get a quilter or two out of the bunch. (:


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