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I remember watching, when I was five or six, my paternal grandmother hand-appliqueing Sunbonnet Sue blocks, and hand-piecing hand-cut diamonds into a full-sized star. Once, she asked me to thread some needles for her! Unfortunately, my grandmother died when I was in the fourth grade, and I never had the opportunity to acquire one of her quilts. However, I have been crafting and sewing since I was a teen, well over 45 years! I stitched my first quilt, a baby quilt for my first child, while riding a commuter train to and from work in Chicago. I found the pattern in Family Circle magazine....back when one had to enlarge the applique template by drawing a larger graph and then redrawing it (the puppy) square by square. In those days, I also made a queen-sized log cabin quilt top, again from magazine directions. I machine stitched the blocks, but really didn't care for the calico fabrics, so my mother-in-law sold the top for me at her garage sale for $50. I didn't come back to quilting until about 17 years ago: I love the speed and accuracy of rotary cutting, I love full-sized pattern inserts in my books and magazines, and I love all the wonderful fabric choices. I machine stitch my quilt tops, I (so far) have quilted my tops on my home sewing machine, and I am terrible about documenting my quilts, even forgetting to take pictures before I give the quilts away to family or charity. I haven't made that Sunbonnet Sue quilt yet, but I have purchased the Accuquilt die and embroidery software to machine applique the blocks, plus I've stockpiled/stash-piled 10 inch squares in "Amish" pastel solids. My Sunbonnet Sue quilt WILL be started this year; but first, I have three lap quilts which I need to quilt!


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