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I am a Leo ... so we leo's are crafty people, Mom always said, it must be true because I love to make things...... years ago I took an old quilt of my husbands that was in shreds and made a new top for it. ... I taught myself with a little book from the fabric store .. "Quilt in a day" ... and it worked .. turned out so cute. ... that quilt was loved ... on the couch for T.V. time & went everywhere with us .. all over the U.S. ... we still have it. ..... In 2013 I picked up a magazine with Jenny on the cover, and I haven't stopped since. Trying to make one for everyone in my Family ... still working on it...... I am going through some very hard times ... recently lost My brother, My Mom, My husband Danny .. and now my best girl .. my dog Katie, all from 2013 - 2015. too much rapid loss for one family..... I have My Family, My three beautiful Granddaughters and the Lord to keep Me smiling ... more quilts to be done for sure.


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